Pre-School Curriculum

Honeybees Preschool is a fully equipped, friendly child care service providing maximum care and education for children aged 2 – 5 years. Under the direction of a fully qualified Early Years Professional. Honeybees ensures a safe, stimulating, happy and rich learning environment which has a balanced EYFS curriculum that covers the 7 Early Learning Goals. We offer a quality service to parents so you can be rest assured whilst you leave your child in our care.

Activities are often planned around a topic/theme. They are designed so that the children will enjoy a curriculum that allows them to:

  •  Learn skills,
  •  Develop personally,
  •  Socially,
  •  Emotionally,
  •  Intellectually,
  •  Physically,
  •  Develop knowledge,
  •  Understanding,
  •  A sense of curiosity and exploration.

Be assured that your child’s needs will be met in a loving, caring and nurturing atmosphere which offers structure, continuity and security that builds a love for learning and prepares your child for school life.

It’s important that we work in partnership with you, so that optimum care, development and education is achieved. Your child is allocated a key worker who will identify your child’s individual needs and support them to make progress, through regular observation and assessments and exchanging daily information with you. We can discuss and arrange a settling-in process that will accommodate you and your children.

The children are divided into two groups:

2 – 3years old = are Daisy

3 – 5years old = are Bluebells

We occupy a large and spacious hall very well partitioned into different learning and activity areas that reflects the 7 areas of the EYFS framework. Our learning environment provides lots of opportunities for the children to develop their new skills such as walking, talking and social interactions. Sand, building blocks, play dough, painting, music, singing, books and puzzles come as standard and the children are able to explore a wide range of play equipment of different textures and colours. Children will be busy participating in activities that include: construction play, arts and crafts, sand and water, imaginative play, messy play, practical life, cooking, music, singing and nursery rhymes, puzzles, computers, reading, writing, science and Mathematics, co-operative games and story time.

We have a very large and spacious outdoor area (Garden). Our spacious playground would enable the children to enjoy lots of fun outdoor games and large play equipment ranging from, climbing frame, slide, football, bikes, scoters, running, jumping, skipping and investigating plants, insects, creepy-crawly and use of other natural resources. We arrange topic related outings for the children and are lucky enough to be few minutes away from Local Parks and Libraries children shall enjoy regular outings.

We welcome and celebrate the diverse range of cultures, languages, traditions and religions that surround us. A wide range of multicultural play equipment, books, dressing up clothes and food are used within the Preschool. Festivals from many cultures and religions are celebrated to raise the children’s awareness of the world around them. Our intention is for the children to have a loving, understanding and caring attitude towards each other.

We recognise that parents are their children’s first educators and want parents to be fully involved with their child’s care and education at Honeybees. We welcome parents’ feedback and actively encourage parents to discuss their child’s day and stay with us until their child is settled. We produce regular newsletters and have parents’ notice boards that contain weekly menus and planning amongst other things.

Many parents like to have a permanent record of their child’s early education, so on children’s transition from Preschool to school, we shall hand over the parents/ carers ‘Child’s Developmental and Progress Report’. This can be passed on to the child’s next teacher.