About Pre-School

In Honeybees Pre- School we offer free childcare to children aged 2years to 5years old. Our 15 hours free government funding is available for the 2 years old following an eligibility check to ensure that your child is eligible for the funding. There is 15 hours and 30 hours extended hours funding for the 3 to 5years old. To receive the 30 hours funding parents would receive a code from Barking and Dagenham Information Service.

Our registration is free for children on the free hours government fund, while children who are not illegible for the funding pay £20 for registration.

Opening Time

We are open from 8:30am to 3:00pm (Monday to Friday)

We run two sessions:

  • Morning session 8:30am to 11:30am
  • Afternoon session 12:00pm to 3:00pm
  • full day 8:30am to 3:00pm
  • And 8:30am to 6:00pm for children whose siblings attend the After School Club

Parents are encouraged to choose sessions that best suit them. Children on 15 hours funding have the opportunity of attending a long session of 8:30am to 2:30pm for 3 days a week or have a short session of 8:30am to 11:30am or 12:00pm to 3:00pm for 5 days a week.

Our Fees

£4.80 per hour per child
£9.00 per hour for siblings

£14.40 per session of 3 hours per child

£27.00 per session of 3 hours for siblings

£28.80 per session of 6 hours per child

£54.00 per session of 6 hours for siblings

Key Worker System

We operate a Key-Worker system here at Honeybees Preschool. Through our Key person approach, we ensure that children develop strong relationship with adults working with them in the Preschool. The key-worker provides support to the child that promotes the child’s self-esteem, self-reliance, resilience and emotional well-being. We recognise every child’s individuality, efforts and achievements and we believe that relationships between adults and children are crucial for the child’s happiness and security.

The key-worker builds special relationship with a small group of children whilst supporting the children to meet their individual learning and developmental needs. They also help them to develop relationship with other members of staff and their peers. The key-worker supports the child through transitioning to school, by preparing them to be ready for school through regular observation and assessment.

The key persons offer security, reassurance and continuity. They also share information with the parents / carers about their child’s experiences and development in the preschool. Our staff will at all times maintain a courteous and professional attitude towards children, parents, carers and other staff members.

British Values is not about cultures, it is about promoting a tolerant, democratic society where freedom of speech lives comfortably alongside respect for all.

At Honeybees Preschool, we encourage children to see their role in the activities, let them know that their views count and teach them to value each other. They are encouraged to vote on topics for example, which book to read, activities that involve taking turns, sharing and working together. Children are given opportunity to ask questions and response provided, to extend their learning.

Our children understand that rules matter – we create rules and codes of behaviour around our daily routine. We ensure that children understand their own and others behaviour and are supported to distinguish right from wrong. Examples include agreeing rules for tidying up and taking turns and respect for others during activities.

We provide opportunities for children to develop self-knowledge, self-esteem and increase self-Confidence in their own abilities such as taking turns in mixing colours, talking about their experiences and learning. We encourage a range of experiences that allow children to explore the language of feeling and responsibility, reflect on their differences and understand that we are free to have different opinions.

Children are supported to treat others as they would want to be treated. We create an ethos of inclusivity and tolerance where views, faiths, cultures and races are valued and children are engaged with the wider community. We help children to acquire tolerance and appreciation for their own and other cultures, know about similarities and differences.

We encourage the importance of tolerant behaviours such as sharing and respecting others opinions, promoting diverse attitudes and challenging stereotypes by sharing stories that reflect and value the children’s diversity.

Your Child’s Day

Your child’s day will consist of lots of fun, exciting and engaging activities and, experiences where he/she can learn and develop in various areas through play. We focus efforts on developing children in 7 key areas as outlined in the revised Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which is a government framework for learning. The aim is to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to learn through high quality play to the best of their ability. Here at Honeybees Preschool, we recognise that every child develops at their own pace therefore, we strive to identify and support children to develop their skills within the seven areas of learning and development whilst taking into account their individual learning needs.

Below is a snap shot of your child’s day…

Drop Off Time

The morning starts with the hustle and bustle of arrivals, with breakfast being offered to the children. Our Preschool practitioners are experienced in settling children into the setting so drop off is a crucial time for you to update us on any information regarding your child that would help the child maximise their play opportunity during the day..


The morning consists of child and adult led activities. There is also a time for children to have special time with their key persons to further extend their learning in more specific ways. They are encouraged to join in or select an activity or area of play that they particularly enjoy both indoors and out door.


Meal time is usually a special time between the children and adults working with them. It is a social occasion where staff would sit down with children to eat and talk about the importance of food and drinks. Children only attending morning session would have their snacks/meal at 10.00am. Afternoon children would have their snacks/meal together with the children attending from 8.30am to 3.00pm (Full Session) at 12.00pm. Parents are to provide children with pack lunch, while we provide children with snacks, fruits and drinks at snacks time. We aim to ensure your child enjoys a range of different healthy snacks/ fruits and meals.

Sleep Time

Although we aim at providing quality play time for all children, younger children age 2 – 3 years would be given the opportunity to have a nap whenever they want to. Also, we would work with parents/ carers to establish a routine that suits children’s specific needs.


Throughout the afternoon your child will enjoy a range of activities designed to enable them to play and explore, discover and grow, learn and understand. Every activity will be tailored to their liking and they will be encouraged to build their confidence and understanding through praise, recognition and support until home time.

Home Time

When you arrive to take your child home, our staff will be available to share information about your child, pass on any important messages and to chat with you about what they are learning and how they are developing. We will only allow your child to leave with an appointed person unless you have informed us otherwise and completed the necessary documentation. We will require evidence of the person’s identity on arrival at the setting and an agreed password will be asked for. It is important that your child is collected promptly at the agreed time. Please contact the Preschool if you know you are going to be late. Late collection fees apply.

Pre-School Curriculum

Honeybees Preschool is a fully equipped, friendly child care service providing maximum care and education for children aged 2 – 5 years. Under the direction of a fully qualified Early Years Professional. Honeybees ensures a safe, stimulating, happy and rich learning environment which has a balanced EYFS curriculum that covers the 7 Early Learning Goals. We offer a quality service to parents so you can be rest assured whilst you leave your child in our care.


Activities are often planned around a topic/theme. They are designed so that the children will enjoy a curriculum that allows them to:

    •  Learn skills,


    •  Develop personally,


    •  Socially,


    •  Emotionally,


    •  Intellectually,


    •  Physically,


    •  Develop knowledge,


    •  Understanding,


    •  A sense of curiosity and exploration.


Be assured that your child’s needs will be met in a loving, caring and nurturing atmosphere which offers structure, continuity and security that builds a love for learning and prepares your child for school life.

It’s important that we work in partnership with you, so that optimum care, development and education is achieved. Your child is allocated a key worker who will identify your child’s individual needs and support them to make progress, through regular observation and assessments and exchanging daily information with you. We can discuss and arrange a settling-in process that will accommodate you and your children.

The children are divided into two groups:

2 – 3years old = are Daisy

3 – 5years old = are Bluebells


We occupy a large and spacious hall very well partitioned into different learning and activity areas that reflects the 7 areas of the EYFS framework. Our learning environment provides lots of opportunities for the children to develop their new skills such as walking, talking and social interactions. Sand, building blocks, play dough, painting, music, singing, books and puzzles come as standard and the children are able to explore a wide range of play equipment of different textures and colours. Children will be busy participating in activities that include: construction play, arts and crafts, sand and water, imaginative play, messy play, practical life, cooking, music, singing and nursery rhymes, puzzles, computers, reading, writing, science and Mathematics, co-operative games and story time.

We have a very large and spacious outdoor area (Garden). Our spacious playground would enable the children to enjoy lots of fun outdoor games and large play equipment ranging from, climbing frame, slide, football, bikes, scoters, running, jumping, skipping and investigating plants, insects, creepy-crawly and use of other natural resources. We arrange topic related outings for the children and are lucky enough to be few minutes away from Local Parks and Libraries children shall enjoy regular outings.

We welcome and celebrate the diverse range of cultures, languages, traditions and religions that surround us. A wide range of multicultural play equipment, books, dressing up clothes and food are used within the Preschool. Festivals from many cultures and religions are celebrated to raise the children’s awareness of the world around them. Our intention is for the children to have a loving, understanding and caring attitude towards each other.

We recognise that parents are their children’s first educators and want parents to be fully involved with their child’s care and education at Honeybees. We welcome parents’ feedback and actively encourage parents to discuss their child’s day and stay with us until their child is settled. We produce regular newsletters and have parents’ notice boards that contain weekly menus and planning amongst other things.

Many parents like to have a permanent record of their child’s early education, so on children’s transition from Preschool to school, we shall hand over the parents/ carers ‘Child’s Developmental and Progress Report’. This can be passed on to the child’s next teacher.